Shady Bend Villas


  • Shady Bend Villas are ten duplex homes built utilizing the Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program.  Twelve of the homes are two stories with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  One duplex (2 homes) includes a three-bedroom handicap accessible unit and a garden level three-bedroom home.  Due to space limitations cause by these two units being garden level, there is only one bathroom.  Six of the homes are for families needing four bedrooms and these homes also have three bathrooms.  This development is located ½ mile south of Highway 30 on Shady Bend Road.  Applicants interested in renting a home at Shady Bend Villas must meet income qualification standards as set by the Department of Housing & Urban Development.  Applicants must also pass suitability standards including a criminal background screening, tenant history, and must meet minimal credit standards as set by the Hall County Housing Authority.  Other restrictions may also apply.  Pre-applications for Shady Bend Villas are free.  These are used to determine a waiting list order (if applicable).  Once an apartment is identified as coming available for the pre-applicant, a full application process will be necessary.  There is a $25.00 application fee for the full application.  No application will be processed prior to receiving this fee.There are four rent levels at Shady Bend Villas with most three-bedroom families renting at $575.00 per month effective Jan 1, 2020.  Shady Bend Villas has a limited number of three-bedroom apartments that may rent for $550.00 effective Jan 1, 2020 if available and if the family income is at or below 50% of the area median income.  Similarly, most four-bedroom homes rent for $610.00 per month effective Jan 1, 2020.  There are a very limited number of four-bedroom units for families below 50% of the area median income that can be rented for $585.00 per month effective Jan 1, 2020.  As with the three-bedroom units, these lower rate rentals are subject to availability.Shady Bend Villas has the following amenities:

*Two car garage w/Opener                             *Dishwasher

*Refrigerator w/Icemaker                               *Trash Provided

*Laundry Appliances                                         *Free Wi-Fi

*Supportive services                                         *Close to Seedling Mile School

*Outdoor patio                                                 *Downstairs bathroom is a tornado shelter

*Microwave                                                      *Garbage disposal

* Range                                                             *Recycling Program Provided

Applications are available at the HCHA Administrative office, 1834 West 7th Street, Grand Island, NE 68803 (308) 385-5530.

2020 Income limits for THREE bedroom units are as follows:

50% area median income – $35,800
60% area median income – $42,960
***This is based on 4 people in the household

2020 Income limits for FOUR bedroom units are as follows:

50% area median income – $38,700
60% area median income – $46,440
***This is based on 5 people in the household

Note: Income is based on family size