Asset Management Property 1

These housing authority owned properties are efficiency, one-bedroom properties featuring a rental rate based upon an applicants adjusted income.  A separate application may be made for all listed properties or interested applicants may apply for all of them at once.  Properties include:

Asset Management Property 2

These housing authority owned properties include two- and three-bedroom apartments and homes (three-bedroom only) featuring a rental rate based upon an applicants adjusted income.  HCHA also owns a five-bedroom home.

  • Western Apartments
  • Orleans Apartments
  • Stolley Park Duplexes
  • Shady Bend Handicap Accessible Apartments
  • Scattered Site Homes
  • Island Terrace Handicap Accessible Apartments

Unlike the one-bedroom properties, HCHA does not have separate listing for these properties, and applicants are offered rental units based upon bedroom size qualifications and availability as matched with waiting list readiness.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Eligible applicants choosing the Housing Choice Voucher Program will be issued a voucher that may be used to assist in their rental responsibilities to a private sector landlord.  Applicants must be issued a voucher and the private rental property must be approved by HCHA immediately prior to assistance (homes must be re-inspected even if the home has been approved for assistance in the past).

Emergency Housing Voucher Program

The Emergency Housing Voucher Program is a rental assistance program to help individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness; at risk of experiencing homelessness; fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking; or were recently homeless and for whom providing rental assistance will prevent the family’s homelessness or having high risk of housing instability.  These vouchers are only available by referral from the All Doors Lead Home Coordinated Entry System through the Nebraska Balance of State Continuum of Care.  

Project Based Voucher Program

HCHA provides 13 tenant project-based vouchers and 13 project-based VASH vouchers to assist those eligible living at Victory Place Apartments.  Victory Place is residential housing primarily for homeless veterans (or widowed spouses of veterans) or veterans at risk of becoming homeless owned by Pioneer Group.  The facility consists of private residences (20 one-Bedroom and 6 two-Bedroom apartments).

Broadwell Courts Properties

HCHA owns and manages 10 two-bedroom apartments at a below market rate price.

Doniphan Apartments

Doniphan Apartments is an eight unit apartment complex owned by the Hall County Housing Authority and located in Doniphan, Nebraska.  The complex consists of 1 one-bedroom unit and 7 two-bedroom units.

Shady Bend Villas

These units are funded by the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.  Shady Bend Villas consists of three and four bedroom duplex homes.  Income limits do apply.

Aurora Housing Authority Managed Properties

HCHA manages 38 one-bedroom apartments in Aurora, Nebraska.  Aurora Housing Authority, also known as Crossroads Court, properties are one-bedroom units featuring rental rates based upon the family’s income.

Hastings Housing Authority